Hangsterfers Superalltap - Tapping Fluid 8oz

Hangsterfers Superalltap - Tapping Fluid 8oz

Hangsterfers Superalltap 8oz


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SuperAllTap is recognized as the ultimate in high quality tapping compounds. Hangsterfer’s has earned the recommendation of the leaders in the machine building and tooling industries. SuperAllTap is a heavy-duty compound used for severe thread cutting and thread forming operations. Offering superior lubrication for the tool provides benefits in productivity and tool life. The non-toxic formulation is designed for operator safety. Due to its ability to emulsify into water, SuperAllTap is excellent for machines using coolants since it will easily wash off into the coolant system.


SuperAllTap is a heavy-duty, high viscosity compound additionally fortified with synthetic and vegetable additive packages. SuperAllTap’s high viscosity allows for easy application and adhesion to the tool and/or the work piece during manual application or automated application where a tapping compound needs to be applied prior to the part entering into the machine. SuperAllTap is engineered for a broad range of materials especially stainless steels, hardened steels, high nickel alloys and titanium. SuperAllTap’s non-staining formula also allows it to be used on Aluminum and Copper alloys

1 Bottle - 8oz

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