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New Rapid Tap - Tapping Fluid - Orapi Applied 500ml

Rapid Tap - Cutting and Tapping


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New Rapid Tap is a tapping and drilling fluid which has been designed for use on hard metals, but can also be used successfully on others ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as : aluminium, stainless steel,cast iron, bronze, magnesium, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, brass, copper and alloys with
a high nickel content.

New Rapid Tap produces superb threads when used for tapping and dieing and efficiently lubricates the cutting action so that less force is needed to cut the thread. Excellent results are also achieved when carrying out drilling and reaming operations can also benefit from and good roundness to reamed holes.
Other machine based operations can also benefit from New Rapid Tap, such as boring, thread chasing and profile milling or turning.



  • • Contains EP additives 
  • • Good boundary lubricity 
  • • Viscous liquid
  • • Available in aerosol


  • • Sticks to cutting tool
  • • Easy to apply
  • • Elimination of stick-slip when hand tapping
  • • Suitable for difficult metals and operations

Apply a drop or two of New Rapid Tap to the surface of the actual work point to make the threading, drilling, reaming, boring or profile milling easier and more accurate. Use adequate ventilation and do not smoke when using New Rapid Tap.

Appearance  - Clear dark brown liquid
Odour - Very faint
Specific Gravity -  0.977
Solubility -  Insoluble in water. Soluble in mineral oil.
Corrosive action -  Non corrosive to normally encountered metals
Packaging - 500ml
Recommended shelf life -  18 months

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