High Feed Milling Cutters for BN.. 10 inserts with Internal Coolant, Next Generation

High-feed milling cutters for smaller diameters utilising double-sided BNGX 10 inserts with four cutting edges and APMX of 1 mm. Internal
coolant. Suitable for a wide range of applications. Available in cylindrical, modular and arbor style in range of Ø9.4 up to Ø35.4 mm. Body treated
for longer tool life.

Dormer - High Feed End Milling Cutters

Dormer - Modular Heads for High Feed Milling

Dormer - High Feed Shell Milling Cutters

SBN10 - APMX 1mm cutters

  • - Standard milling cutters equipped with BNGX inserts.
  • - Diameters from 9.4 to 35.4mm with intermediate diameters.
  • - Attachments : cylindrical, modular and reaming.
  • - 3 cutting geometries suitable for a wide range of materials: steels and cast irons (M), stainless steel and superalloys (MM), hardened steel (HM), thereby reducing the cutting forces.
  • - Face milling, ramping, pocket opening and interpolation operations.
  • - Reversible BNGX10 inserts with 4 cutting edges.
  • - Direct cooling on the cutting edge via the tool body.
  • - Versatile milling cutters, which can be equipped with ANHX radius inserts.