HFM - High Feed Milling refers to milling at very fast feed rates with relatively small depths of cut.These high feed rates are possible due to a very small approach angle of the cutting edge, in a way which maintains uniform chip thickness.ISCAR has developed a rich variety of High Feed Milling tools and inserts, which cover a wide range of applications.


NEOFEED, a family of milling cutters carrying indexable square double-sided inserts with 8 cutting edges, provides an advantageous tool for productive and cost-efficient rough machining.


LOGIQ4FEED, a family of indexable cutters for rough machining and high feed milling. These cutters feature narrow "bone-shaped" double-sided inserts with four cutting edges.

Iscar Mill4Feed

Iscar MILL4FEED is a family of fast feed milling tools that carry FFQ4 SOMT square single-sided indexable inserts with 4 cutting edges