Kennametal KSEM™ Modular Drilling - For The Intermediate Diameter Range

The KSEM modular drill covers drilling applications in a diameter range of 12,5-40mm (.4921 – 1.5748”) up to 10 x D. KSEM enables maximum feed rates for highest productivity.

With four large contact surfaces, the insert pocket seat provides maximum stability, even in challenging conditions like stacked plates, cross holes, and inclined exits.

The central locking screw mechanism ensures secure clamping of the insert, resulting in process safety and long tool life for both the drill body and the insert. Material specific point geometries provide versatility in a wide range of materials.

The KSEM carbide inserts can be reconditioned, further extending the tool life, reducing tool inventory and tool cost.

SSC = Pocket Seat Reference. To correspond with the SSC on the toolholder.

KSEM WN/WD50 Drill Body

3 x D

KSEM WN50 Drill Body

5 x D

HPG KC7315 Inserts

For General Use

HPL KCMS15 Inserts

For Stainless Steel

KSEM WN Drill Body

7 x D

KSEM WN Drill Body

10 x D


Flat Bottom Inserts