IP54 Waterproof - 6" Digital Vernier Caliper (150mm) - Precision Engineering Tools EW Equipment

IP54 Waterproof - 6" Digital Vernier Caliper (150mm)

waterproof vernier 150mm

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IP54 Waterproof Digital Vernier Caliper
Stainless Steel IP54 Waterproof Digital Caliper is a Practical Measuring tool It has Been a Great Helper for both Professionals and Home Users and can be Wildly used in many Fields, such as Metal Working, Mechanical Engineering, Machining,Carpentry,and Medicine.
Precision and Accuracy: Inch,Metric and Fraction Conversion Function. Measurement range: 0-6" and 0-150mm; Resolution: 0.0005"/1/128"/0.01mm; Accuracy :0.001'/0.01mm