Dormer Pramet Promotional Turning Kit - Tool Holder plus 10x Inserts



1 x Holder and 10x Inserts
For all general external turning operations
Tool holders available in left hand or right hand
D style holders with top clamp for increased security



T8330 Versatile PVD coated grade suitable for stainless steel, steel
and cast iron, potentially non-ferrous, super alloys and hard
T9325 Versatile MT-CVD coated grade primarily for steel, stainless
steel and cast iron
T7325 More reliable grade for productive machining in ISO M and
S material groups.



M - Medium to semi-roughing chip breaker for steel and cast iron,
possibly stainless steel
FM - Finishing to medium chip breaker for steel and stainless steel,
possibly cast iron
SM - Positive geometry for medium machining super alloys and
stainless steel, possibly steel
NMR  -Medium to roughing operations on stainless steel, ideal for
heavy and less stable conditions
NM - Medium operations on stainless steel