HAIMER Microset Presetting Technology

Save time and money, improve workpiece quality. 

The efficient tool presetting equipment from HAIMER Microset optimises your machining processes from the ground up.

Improve your tool life, generate better surface finishes and boost overall process reliability in your production.

- Minimise the idle time of your machines

- Minimise rejects and tool costs

- Increase process reliability in your production

- Improve your tool life

- Generate consistent quality in your products

Maximum precision for all kind of requirements.

The efficient tool presetting equipment from HAIMER Microset optimises your machining processes from the ground up.

Improve your tool life, generate better surface finishes and boost overall process reliability in your production.

Microvision - Easy and Intuitive:

Microvision software enables users to generate quickly time savings potential during the job setup and preparation.

It does so by measuring and setting tools, quickly, precisely and independently. Modern image processing ensures that the tools are quickly and accurately measured and in turn guarantees the highest quality in your production processes. Complex tools can be measured within the shortest period of time with the latest measuring techniques.

UNO Smart

The UNO smart

is HAIMER'S entry-level machine featuring a small footprint, user-friendly operation and high precision.

It is ideal for measurement during production
and has an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

In addition to precision, speed and reliability,

the UNO series also includes numerous features in terms of its equipment. 

The new design and improved ergonomics set new standards.

UNO Autofocus and Automatic Drive

UNO autofocus & automatic drive – efficient and precise

The autofocus and automatic drive models of the UNO series provide decisive advantages for tool measurement at the highest level. Choose your presetter – to meet your requirements.

Reduce the work load of the operator through the automation of presetting, with full or partially automated measuring functions.


For automatically focusing the cutting edge. Motor-driven spindles. With useful system cabinet and 24", 10 point touch screen as Standard.

Automatic drive

For fully automatic tool presetting and measurement independent of the operator (CNC-controlled, 3 axes). With useful system cabinet and 24" touch screen as standard.

VIO Series

VIO Series - Maximum Convenience and Functionality.

Optimise process reliability in your production with fully automatic measurement processes. The holistic device concept allows for integration in all production processes, including existing ones.

Maximum stability and precision.
The FEM-optimised, thermally stable cast iron construction of the VIO linear series ensures accurate measuring results and equipment longevity. In addition, highly dynamic, wear-free linear drives ensure accurate long-term quality. The parallel drive and guidance system ensures optimal distribution of forces and guarantees measurement repeatability of ±2 μm.

10 Reasons

10 Reasons To Use HAIMER Microset Presetting Technology:

1. Increased Machine Utilization - Reducing set-up time by as much as 50% or more translates to more machine „up-time“.

2. Faster Set-ups - Even if set-ups are not being performed offline, using a tool presetter is significantly faster than setting tools in the machine manually or with a laser.

3. Reduced Scrap - Microset presetters use optical cameras for measurement, which provide higher degrees of accuracy versus manual setting methods. Options like automatic focusing and measuring further reduce deviations in measurement, regardless of the operator.

4. Longer Tool Life - Runout that is not often inspected for non-critical assemblies can be measured and accounted for easily with a presetter, thereby extending tool life by preventing inaccurate tools from ever entering the machine.

5. Fewer Collisions - With optional data transmission methods like RFID or post-processing, the manual entry of offsets into the machine can be eliminated. This reduces errors that occur from operator’s accidently mistyping offset values.

6. More Cost-Effective than Lasers - Machines make money when they are making chips and not being used as measuring devices. Furthermore, one presetter can manage 10-30 machines, which is more cost-effective than purchasing a laser for each machine.

7. Consistency - Confirmation that tools are set properly, within specified tolerances, every time.

8. Ease of Use - Simple software makes the process uncomplicated for all users. No software engineering degrees needed!

9. Universal - Easy to preset milling tools, adjustable boring heads, complicated multi-inserted face-mills, PCD form tools, step-drills, etc. from all makes and manufacturers.

10. Industry 4.0 Success - Industry 4.0 is all about using gathered data to automate changes on the fly that optimize the machining process. The future smart factory will require technologies that can receive and transmit such data. HAIMER Microset tool presetters are able to communicate (bi-directionally) with a variety of machine controls and CAD/CAM systems.

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