Industrial Vacuums, Coolant Recycling Machines and Systems

Over the years

Freddy was established in 1962, supplying the UK and USA with the renowned Mark I filtration machines, originally complementing the de la Pena Oil brand. Since then we have designed and manufactured the Freddy family of industrial vacuums and coolant filtration machines, from the compact and adaptable Superminor, to the robust “great filtrator” Mark 5, all designed to remove, filter and return coolant for longer life, and improve machining results.

Freddy purchased Industrial VacAir company in 2001 to support our growth into the increasing dry vacuum market, and we have been building on the dry vacuum range ever since, including atex and hepa filtration for use with hazardous dust. Why not take a look at our industrial dry vacuum range.

We believe we are today’s guardians of tomorrow’s world. You have a problem - we have the solution for you.

The Freddy Micro

A compact coolant recycling system, designed and manufactured in the UK. 

With a smaller footprint, a smaller 50 litre capacity, and weighing less than any previous Freddy, it offers versatility, better mobility and affordability.

The Freddy Micro Plus

The Micro Plus continues on from the very successful Micro with the same footprint, a 50 litre capacity, and weighing less than any previous Freddy, it offers versatility, better mobility and affordability, but now has the ability to pump out rather than have the gravity drain of the Micro. The ideal solution to smaller businesses.

It means it is now possible to recycle 50 litres of coolant through the machine and back into the sump in just 60 seconds!

Why Choose Freddy?

For over 40 years Freddys portfolio of products has been recognised for quality, longevity and value for money.

In addition they offer:

- Worldwide sales advisory support - all of our distributors and partners have specific industry knowledge.- Worldwide spares and service support teams - all of our distributors and partners offer excellent service  packages and stock the range of consumables and accessories.

- Bespoke engineering projects - whilst we have an extensive product range, we also offer additional project  advice and can design a machine based on our core principles to support other market sectors.

- Full refurbishment of existing Freddy's - taking your Freddy back to a straight from the production line state.

- Recognisable proven brand awareness and extended longevity - we have Freddy Mark I machines still working in heavy industry that are over 35 years old.

The Freddy Superminor

The Freddy Superminor+ has been designed with the operator in mind.  Built to be easily manoeuvred around a machine shop.  

Made of mild steel, it is robust, some have been in action for 25 years or more, so it is suitable for even the most arduous environments.

The Freddy Midi

The Freddy Midi has the smallest footprint in the Freddy Coolant Vacuum range, measuring just 620mm in width, making it easy to manoeuvre in all workshops.

The Freddy Midi is designed to vacuum out coolant from machine tool sumps, machine beds, drip trays, conveyors and even the shop floor with the dedicated floor tool and recycle it for re-use.

How It Works:

A Freddy coolant vacuum recycles your coolant so it can be reused, with filtration down to 5 microns. Sucking coolant straight from your machine tool slump, and returning it for reuse within seconds, it saves you time and increases coolant life - saving you money.

Why Recycle Coolant?

Whether you are using fully synthetic, semi-synthetic or neat oil, contaminated metalworking fluids are detrimental to business.  Reducing the effectiveness, and reducing the life of machine tools can be costly.  The finish of your products can be diminished, not to mention the health and safety implications that can be caused by the contaminated coolant, such as dermatitis.  Then there is the cost of purchasing and disposing of your metalworking fluid.  All of these issues can be solved by a Freddy.

The Freddy Ecovac

The Freddy Ecovac is unique in the Freddy coolant recycling vacuum family as it is the only vacuum to vacuum out and recycle the coolant continuously, using an independent pump for return.

The Freddy Ecovac is designed to vacuum out coolant from machine tool sumps, machine beds, drip trays, conveyors and even the shop floor with the dedicated floor tool and recycle it for re-use.

The Freddy Coolant Health Unit (CHU)

The Freddy Coolant Health Unit (CHU)  was developed in conjunction with Rolls-Royce Central Manufacturing Team and tested at Rolls-Royce Derby supported by the Rolls-Royce fluid management provider Quaker Houghton.

• Avoid using a jet wash - used the filtered coolant to clean the machines
• Extract dirt and debris from ‘dead zones’
• Reduce cleaning time - 2500 litres of coolant can be 100% filtered and returned to a machine within 1 hour
• Reduce coolant changes and prevent waste from coolant changes
• Minimum impact on production - machines with large capacity tanks can continue running
• Hands free operation possible

The Freddy Bowser

The Freddy Electric Oil and Coolant bowser is a safe and easy way to transport clean fluids around a workshop for filling or top up of machines.

The Freddy Second Filtration Unit

Can be used with our existing range of coolant and swarf recycling vacuums.

With the Second Filtration unit attached to a Freddy Coolant Recycling vacuum, you are able to double the filtration area.  For those customers that are already passing their coolant through twice to maximise the filtration, it is a handy way to save time too!

For more information on many more products from Freddy Products LTD

All of our Freddy products come with a 24 month warranty.

An optional 12 month service agreement is available, which includes:

- Two service visits per year, inclusive of labour and travel

- Priority on call outs

- Reduced breakdown call out charge

For more information on prices and availability please contact us on 0161 485 8730 or Email us at

Freddy also offer demonstration sessions to recommend and advise on what product would be best for your company as well as a full demo on how the Freddy works