Shrink Fit Technology - Power Clamp

For years, HAIMER has been leading in the development of inductive shrink technology for tool holders. Many patents, mainly in the area of inductive coils, are visible proof for innovation and progress.

The patented coil technology in conjunction with the intelligent power electronics form the core of HAIMER shrink fit technology.

Perfectly coordinated assembly groups and electronic components make sure that only the clamping area of the chuck is heated in the shrinking process.

This reduces the shrinking and cooling cycle to a minimum.

Basic Line: Concentrating on the basics.

The Basic Line is the economical entrance into inductive shrink fit technology. The power electronics enables problem free shrinking. The mechanical construction of the equipment has, on the other hand, been kept deliberately simple and functional. There are just single chuck solutions. The Basic Line equipment is exclusively designed for operation with standard coils. It is not possible to upgrade. The Basic Line is ideal for the price-conscious user, who only wants to shrink a few tools on a daily basis. For micro machining purposes the special horizontal shrink fit machine Power Clamp Nano is part of the program. It combines perfectly easy tool handling of small diameters and fast tool exchange.

Profi Line: Modular All-rounder.

The Profi Line offers the full range of performance and is unbeatable in efficiency. High performance coils, contact
cooling and rotary table guarantee simultaneous shrinking and cooling in record time. No wishes remain unfulfilled.
The machines of the Profi Line work with both the standard coils and the intelligent and comfortable NG coils. Of course, the equipment recognizes each coil and chooses the correct shrink fit parameters automatically. The shrink fit machines of the Profi Line form a modular system. The start-up machine Power Clamp Economic can gradually be upgraded to the high-end unit Power Clamp Comfort NG.

i4.0 Line: Network-compatible and communicative.

In addition to the well-known machines of the Basic and Profi line, the all-new industry 4.0-ready and network-compatible series was developed with its models Power Clamp Premium i4.0, Sprint i4.0, Preset i4.0 and Comfort i4.0. The machines are equipped with a workshop friendly 7" touch display and new intuitive software, which makes machine operation with or without gloves even easier. Upon request, the Power Clamp i4.0 devices can also be equipped with a scanner that is able to read the shrinking parameters of DataMatrix codes. This way automated shrinking is easier than ever before.
The new and ergonomic shrinking stations have a modern and high-quality design. Due to their patented NG coil they are suited for both solid carbide and HSS tools with diameters from 3 to 32 mm.

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1. Unsurpassed machining accuracy
       We guarantee < 3μm run-out at 3xD. This degree of accuracy is consistently repeatable for any number of operators from shift to shift.

2. Slim profiles – perfect for 5-axis machining
       HAIMER Shrink Fit tool holders have very slim profiles. They can also be modified to a straight-walled design if needed in order to prevent tool holder collision with the                     workpiece.

3. Gripping torque
      Our shrink fit chucks grip the cutting tool 360° around the shank on multiple planes, delivering very high gripping torque that prevents chatter during roughing or finishing              operations.

4. Consistency of setup
       A unique benefit of HAIMER shrink fit is that it eliminates any variation between tool changes. Removing these variables means regardless of the
       operator and their experience level, you will get repeatable uniformity in tooling setup and equally consistent results.

5. Extended reach options
      Shrink fit extensions provide many options. For example, when machining deep cavities, you can place shrink fit extensions into standard shrink fit chucks, getting                              unsurpassed gage lengths with minimal run-out.

6. Balance accuracy and repeatability
      We hold our shrink fit holders to the highest balance accuracy standards (G2.5@ 25,000 RPM). Since shrink fit holders have no moving parts, it offers
      the best balance repeatability of any tool holding system on the market.

7. Reduction of tool changing time & less tool holder accessory inventory
      Nothing beats the tool change time of our shrink fit chucks when combined with the HAIMER Power Clamp shrink fit machines. Tool changes can be
      done in less than 5 seconds.

8. Clean bores
      Run-out accuracy is often compromised if contaminants are introduced to the bore of a tool holder during machining. A shrink fit chuck is a sealed system by design. This                minimizes the introduction of contaminants.

9. Coolant options
      Our shrink fit chucks are available with a variety of coolant options, including our Cool Jet and Cool Flash technology, which delivers coolant down to the cutting edge of              the tool. This helps clean out chips and can aid in providing better part finishes.

10. Availability
        Bestseller machines are available and stocked locally. All other configurations and modifications are available per order within just a couple of weeks. Shrink fit holders are            available on stock in a big variety of lengths in the most common spindle interfaces.