Europa Tool Premier Line Milling

Wide range of premium milling cutters. Mastermill VX , Pulsar BLue Alu XP and more

Kennametal KOR Range

Dynamic roughing end mills for all materials from Aluminium to Titanium. Chip Splitters for near perfect chip management.

Emuge Franken End Mills

A wide range of premium milling Cutters to cover all materials.

Dormer Pramet End Mills

Four-flute / multi-flute end mills: used primarily for profiling operations with low-medium metal removal rates, offering superior surface finish quality

Economy ALTiN Coated End Mills

2 Flute, 4 Flute Square and Ball Nose For use on General Steels up to 45HRC

4 Flute Economy AlTiCrN Coated End Mills

Performs well on most  Stainless Steels, and materials up to 60HRC

3 Flute Economy UN Coated Slot Drills

  For general use on Non-ferrous Metals and Plastics

Micro End Mills

2 Flute Slot Drills, 2 Flute Ball Nose

0.2mm Dia - 0.9mm Dia

3 and 4 Flute Economy Roughing End Mills

 Uncoated for Non-ferrous Metals and Plastics. TiXCO Coated for materials up to HRC55 

Edge Preparation

Corner Rounding and Chamfer End Mills for use on General Steels up to 45HRC