Quality wins: Not only a slogan – a daily philosophy!

At the centre of the company philosophy from HAIMER is the aspiration to reach the highest precision and quality of their products at globally competitive prices. This goal - beginning with the purchase of raw materials and ending with the arrival of the goods at the customer – can only be reached when their employees live and realize exactly this philosophy every day.

With this in mind, HAIMER motivates their employees to act as an enterprise, to think comprehensively and to continually improve the processes in their company. As a customer, you can be assured of a long-term, highly efficient and correct price-performance ratio.

Shrink Fit Technology - Power Clamp

For years, HAIMER has been leading in the development of inductive shrink technology for tool holders. Many patents, mainly in the area of inductive coils, are visible proof for innovation and progress.

The patented coil technology in conjunction with the intelligent power electronics form the core of HAIMER shrink fit technology.

Perfectly coordinated assembly groups and electronic components make sure that only the clamping area of the chuck is heated in the shrinking process.

This reduces the shrinking and cooling cycle to a minimum.

HAIMER Microset Presetting Technology

Save time and money, improve workpiece quality.

The efficient tool presetting equipment from HAIMER Microset optimises your machining processes from the ground up.

Improve your tool life, generate better surface finishes and boost overall process reliability in your production.

- Minimise the idle time of your machines

- Minimise rejects and tool costs

- Increase process reliability in your production

- Improve your tool life

- Generate consistent quality in your products

Innovative solutions out of one hand.

We at HAIMER see ourselves as a system provider along the complete value chain of tool holding technology.

With our extensive tool holder program, a associated balancing and shrinking technology, our tool management logistic systems, as well as the 3D measuring instruments and our new power mill tools, we are offering you a perfectly coordinated product portfolio.

Take advantage of our full technical know-how and many years of experience in tool holding technology. With our products we support you reducing your manufacturing costs sustainably and achieving a long term competitive advantage for your company.

Balancing Technology - Tool Dynamic

The spindle speed of modern machine tools have increased on a continuous basis in the last few years in order to achieve higher cutting volumes and machine in a profitable manner. The increases have also raised the demands for the tools and holders used, because the higher spindle speeds make the effects of imbalance increasingly more noticeable. The consequences are vibrations, bad surface finish and shorter tool life.

Only the high-precision balancing of tools and tool holders can make the complete capacity of the machines tool with regards to speed, cutting volume and produced surface finish accessible. Because balancing provides for fewer vibrations. It reduces wear of the spindle and tool, reduces the downtimes and increases process security.

3D-Sensors and centering devices

The HAIMER 3D-Sensors are very precise and wide-ranging measurement devices for milling and EDM machines (isolated probe tip). They are clamped into a tool holder and inserted into a milling spindle and make it possible to position the spindle axis exactly on the edges of the workpiece. This allows for zeros to be set and the length to be measured quickly and easily. You may approach in any direction (X-, Y-, Z-Axis). When the dial gage shows zero, the spindle axis is exactly on the workpiece edge.