HSS Drills

High Speed Steel Jobber, Morse Taper and Blacksmith Drills -

Steam Tempered (Black Oxide Finish) Used for drilling into Steel, Cast Iron, Soft Aluminium and plastic.


HSS Cobalt Drills

High Speed 8% Cobalt Jobbers Drills. Used for drilling Stainless Steel and difficult to cut material such as Titanium.

Available in Stub, Jobber and Long Lengths.

Solid Carbide Drills

Solid Carbide uncoated drills. Used for drilling in general Steels, cast iron, Titanium, Nickel Alloy and Aluminium.

Available in Stub and Jobber Length

TiN Coated Drills (GOLDEX)

HSS and HSS-E (Cobalt)

Self Centering Split Point above 1.6mm.TiN Coated for longer tool life.

Available in Stub and Jobber Length

High Performance Drills

A large range of high performance drills up to 30xD. Various different coatings and cutting geomatrie to cover cutting nearly all materials.


Indexable Drilling

Spade Drill - Specific sized drill inserts to Drill from 9.5mm to 114mm. Available in straight/MT shank. U-Drill -  Drill from 3mm-50mm specific holder for each diameter. SPMG inserts. 2,3,4 and 5xD


A large range of carbide, HSS Co8 reamers in most Imperial and Metric sizes. 

Taper shank, Straight shank and Hand reamers. 



Counterbore / Countersinks

These are typically used when a fastener, such as a socket head cap screw, is required to sit flush with or below the level of a workpiece's surface. 

NC Spot Drills

HssCo8 and Carbide NC Spot Drills available in both 90° and 120° 

For more precise centering work on NC/CNC Machines. 


Form Tools

HSS-E milling cutters for varying forms on a variety of materials.

Dovetail, Inverted Dovetail, Woodruff and T-Slot


Centre Drills

centre drill is used to produce a hole in the workpiece for the purposes of supporting work in a lathe.

Carbide / Metric versions coming soon.


Drill Sets

HSS and HSS Co8 drill sets in  a waide range of sizes from 5pcs to 50pcs. High quality drills from Europa Tools and Dormer for drilling wide range of materials.


Drill Extensions

Drill Extensions for drills sizes ranging from 0.5mm - 8mm.



SHAVIV is a world leader in hand-deburring solutions for a wide range of metal, plastic and wood materials.