Kennametal A2 Parting Blades

A2™ Cut-Off • High-Performance Tools to Maximize Productivity!

The A2 platform is the ideal system for parting operations on a wide variety of workpiece materials. It works well in smooth and interrupted cuts in both wet and dry operations. Now it is available in KCU25™ for superior edge toughness and excellent wear resistance.

Innovative A2 Insert Design

• V-prisms on both top and bottom enable higher clamping force to prevent insert movement, even when cutting at high-feed rates.
• The cutting edge has a molded-in chipbreaker ramp to direct chips away from the blade, extending blade life.
• Positive rake cutting action combined with Kennametal’s high-performance PVD coatings result in superior tool life and chip control.

A2™ Insert Stop Design

• As cutting forces increase, clamping forces also increase for secure holding power.
• Fixed insert stop ensures solid seating with every index and delivers up to 30% longer life.
• Cutting height is accurately controlled for maximum reliability and performance on even small-diameter parts.