SSV Series

High quality and always improving on industry standards, the Tuscan range of single station machine vices are designed to withstand the pressure and force of CNC machining. With a built in anti-lift mechanism the vice ensures accurate and repeatable machining down to microns.

• Matched bed heights for multiple vice use

• Manufactured from FCD-60 ductile iron

• Machined key ways and alignment rail for quick set up


MV Series

Jaw Sets Designed for precision grinding and milling the Tuscan MV range of vices are widely used with CNC and standard milling machines. The moveable jaw is self adjusting and is made of high grade alloy steel stabilised and hardened to ensure quality and durability.

• Parallelism of bed of vice to base: 0.02/100mm

• Parallelism of fixed jaws to bolt slots: 0.02/100mm

• Perpendicular accuracy of fixed jaws to bed of vice: 0.03/100mm


DSV Series

Designed with the combination of fixed and moveable jaws the Tuscan DSV vice has the ability to hold multiple workpieces with the same clamping force. Hardened and ground the DSV range ensures high accuracy and rigidity.

• Capable of clamping different size components in each station

• Clamping force equalisation

• Manufactured from FCD-60 ductile iron

• Repeatability ±0.015mm • Supplied with 18mm locating tenons