12mm 2 FL EXTENDED NECK 55DEG HELIX BALL NOSE END MILL (ALU XP EUROPA TOOL) 1123031200 - Precision Engineering Tools EW Equipment

12mm 2 FL Extended neck 50DEG Helix ball nose end mill (ALU XP Europa tool) 1123031200



  • £49.80

europa tool alu xp




Extended Neck - 2 Flute

50º Helix - Ball Nose 

Suitable for high speed machining of aluminium and other non-ferrous materials. Excellent surface finishes, superior chip removal. Neck relief. Mirror polished flutes.

 Dia DC Radius RE Shank Dia DMM Length of cut APMX Effective Length LU Overall Length OAL Neck Diameter DN
12.0mm 6.0mm 12mm 10.5mm 40.0mm 75mm 11.0mm

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