80.360.00NG Haimer Universal 3D Sensor / Tester New Generation - 12mm Shank - Precision Engineering Tools EW Equipment Haimer,

80.360.00NG Haimer Universal 3D Sensor / Tester New Generation - 12mm Shank



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Due to new duty charges from the EU all Haimer sensors may not be available on a guaranteed next day delivery.
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3D-Sensor New Generation

The 3D-Sensor NG is a further development of our worldwide accepted and proven Universal 3D-Sensor. Its distinguishing features are improved mechanics and a new and compact design.


  • Compact and easy to grip casing, no restriction to working area
  • Precise display of spindle position with large 1/100 mm dial gauge (2 hands)
  • Utmost precision of 0.01 mm (when using original HAIMER probe tips)
  • Marked overrun distance (safety distance)
  • IP 67 waterproof


  • Aligning machine spindles to work piece edges and reference edges (x-, y-, z-axis)
  • Set zeros
  • Centre borings and shafts
  • Measuring lengths and depths
  • Checking straightness and levelness of surfaces
  • Aligning work pieces and vices
  • Quick, without calculations, no mistakes with algebraic signs

    Please take note: The given measuring precision of 0.01 mm only applies, if the original HAIMER probe tips are used.

    Included in delivery: 3D-Sensor New Generation with clamping shank Ø 12 mm, short probe tip Ø 4 mm

    Technical data subject to change without prior notice.

    Technical drawing

    L1 [mm] 101
    L2 [mm] 25
    Ø D1 [mm] 12
    Ø D2 [mm] 4
    B [mm] 62
    Smallest unit of measure [mm] 0,01