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RL96 Quick Change Riser Plate DM22 - 5th Axis


EW Equipment

  • £981.60

The D22 is a 2″ x 2″ dovetail fixture in the 5th Axis workholding line. It is a simple and robust dovetail fixture built for stock 2″ and above.

*96mm Pitch

*Manufactured from 6061 aluminium

*Suitable for use with the D22 dovetail fixture

*Please note: This includes Dovetail fixture and 4 pullstuds


All 5th Axis RockLock fixtures utilise the industry standard 96mm pull stud spacing. This ensures 100% compatibility with Jergens or Lang systems. Outstanding repeatability Less than <.0003”. Available in hardened steel or aluminum construction. All aluminium models feature type III hard anodize and come standard with TiN coated steel bushings and internal components. - Built to Last